Localization that matters

Are you communicating on a global scale?

Then you know the importance of accurate and timely localization – the translation of documents and multimedia files into the language of choice within every country you do business in. A huge and growing opportunity, as our world gets smaller and the balance of economic power shifts. Seemingly overnight.

So you need localization that really matters. That captures the essence of your original message and translates it with equal force and income earning opportunity – in every country you are in. Not an easy task when multiple countries are involved – unless you take a project managed, profit-focused, growth-oriented approach to that challenge.

This is what we do best at GAT. Aligning global translations using state-of the-art-technology in combination with our in country localization associates and our highly skilled translation project management teams.

We are on the leading edge of change in our industry and rapidly on our way up. It’s our business to make you heard – all perfectly clear.

How to be heard around the world

Communication is a two way street. Before you can speak, you have to listen. Which is why we rely on our localization associates to listen to the changing voices and language developments in every country we do business in. These locally based translation companies work with us on real time localization solutions – ensuring that your voice will be heard as if you were a local.

Our philosophy

We believe that translation is not a mere transition of word to word in either language. At GAT, we understand that every country, culture, language, and even industry, has its own nuance, speech pattern and style. At GAT, we understand the importance of localization.

When you can communicate your services to a different culture, within their own language, your potential of getting their business rises immensely.

From user manuals to website presentations, localization adapts your services into the local language and culture. A successful localization has the look and feel of having been developed within the local’s native homeland.

Website translation services, now more than ever, are essential to cultivating and maintaining a successful enterprise on a truly global scale. Our localization clients expect services that are quick and reasonably priced.

This is exactly what GAT delivers: accurate, market-specific translations, done on time and within budget. We achieve our best results by using native, tech-savvy, specialized translators, no matter if it’s HTML, XML, PHP, or other programming languages.

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