About Us

Translation agency for global clarity

GAT has grown up during the most dramatic changes in the translation industry. We used to be a one-language pair translation agency. We’re now a full-service major league player in globalization with a long list of satisfied multinational clients, known for our highly professional translation services. And a burning desire to get bigger and better along with them.

The key to our mutual success is global messaging clarity.

Many of our clients now rely on us as their linguistic consultants. Working with our established worldwide network of translation service providers, no localization challenge is too big for us. And clients appreciate that they can even offload their language services needs to our experienced teams.

Despite our dramatic growth, we have not forgotten what got us here. Fast project turnaround, attention to detail, optimizing the use of budget saving high technology tools – to deliver localization and document translation services above and beyond client expectations.

Just ask us.

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