Nothing is too big for GAT

Just ask our multinational, public sector and other clients. We can’t name-drop all of them for confidentiality reasons, but we’d be happy to provide a list when we meet.

Suffice to say that we are dealing with Forbes Global 2000 corporations and multinationals – as well as their service providers such as advertising or marketing communication agencies.

In some cases, we are their outsource department for foreign language translation. In others, we work on a project basis – for all their projects.

We appreciate the fact that our clients look to us for consulting advice when they are faced with localization problem that they simply have not seen before. Because odds are, we’ve been there.

The reality is that many organizations are ill prepared for globalization. Which is why we are here and why we love doing it.

Why not give us a small challenge to start? It’s what every one of our existing clients did to begin working with us. These initial working relationships have continued to evolve and grow once clients get familiar with the efficiency of our process.

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