Quality Commitment

No more misunderstandings

Does anybody know the true costs of translation errors? Probably not, given the hyper speed that the world has gone global via the Internet. But the risks are there. Maybe even right on your website.

Perhaps it’s best that we first think in terms of what a communication error can cost you in your primary market. Here, you have the advantage of repairing a misunderstanding and rebuilding a customer relationship. But you might not have the same opportunity in one of your developing markets.

First impressions are lasting impressions. Which is why we are asking you to compare our services to our competition. More importantly, to see if your specific needs can be better serviced by our next generation approach to localization.

Professional translation services

As a professional translation services provider, GAT operates on a project management basis. And we believe we do project management better than anyone in the business.

We are looking to develop partnering relationships with clients who are willing to place their complete trust in our ability to deliver business building results and advancement in every country and every language you want to do business in.

Our guarantee of quality control

GAT has grown purely and simply on the strength of our quality control – starting with French translation service in Canada. We’ve leveraged that QC quality control experience into our multiple language localization services.

Unlike many of our larger global competitors, our quality control standards are consistently applied across any new project that comes through our Montreal head office – big or small. We do not accept anything less than perfection from our hardworking linguistic teams that put out millions of words a month.

Your first taste of our commitment to quality will become immediately apparent to you when we meet face to face for the first time.

To GAT, our quality is your money guarantee. On a global scale.

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