The GAT Team

Our leadership

Johanne Plante, President and Founder

Johanne Plante recognized the need and opportunity for GAT in 1995. From a humble beginning as a solo entrepreneur, Joanne has led GAT’s transformation from a one-language pair translation agency serving corporate Canada to a global translation and localization company. Her clients now include major multinational organizations in need of multiple language services. She has continued to remain ahead of the industry curve in providing creative, high technology, and cost efficient services – supplied by her rapidly growing full time staff of over fifty language specialists.

President’s message

Our vision is to be globally successful in the translation and localization industry by building a team that attracts the world’s best and brightest talent. Our team will achieve this vision by being proactive, innovative and on the cutting edge of technology.

Peter Giuliano, CEO

Peter Giuliano is a CA who understands what it takes to grow and manage a profitable company. He has successfully built a number of Canadian and global organizations. On meeting Johanne and learning about the growth in global localization, Peter invested in the company and now plays a leading role in business development. He prides himself in GAT’s winning new business track record. And all he wants is an opportunity to convince you in person that GAT is right for you.

Language services requires specialization

Like any sophisticated production process, global localization requires specialists in many communication disciplines. Especially today where new mediums, channels and terminologies are emerging daily. Not to mention a rapidly growing technology driven business vocabulary.

GAT has worked hard to meet the changing needs of our clients by bringing in everything from desktop publishing to video production specialists. And we know that the next big thing in localization could be just around the corner. So we make it our business to be specialists in the field of global communication.

Have you got the time to do that yourself?

A team on every translation

For professional translations services on a global localization scale, you need a team approach. And that is exactly what you will get at GAT and our GATTRAKTM process.

Projects coming into GAT will generally receive the direct attention of senior management, an individual project manager, translators (both local and global), revision translators, editors, proofreaders, production personnel, project schedulers and budget managers.

Special translation needs require specialists. Many of GAT’s clients work in the marketing realm. So we are often asked to produce translations for desktop publishing, graphic design, websites, video and voiceover edits. And we do them right in the source documents.

Every translation project goes through a systemized process to ensure quality control, often incorporating multiple steps from initiation to final approval. Our QC control system is run through our open online GAT portal so all parties in the process can visibly track progress versus deadlines.

Bottom line: it takes a team to make it work.

The more eyes the better

Writing is an art form – in any language. It’s also a human process where a writer’s ego and repetitive edits can sometimes get in the way of seeing and editing the right message. That’s a very good reason to adopt GAT’s team approach to translation. Or even consider them as your outsource for all your language services.

Because we believe and practice in the saying that two (or more) eyes are better than one.

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