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Localization starts with English

Is internationalization a word?

It is now, thanks to the creative keystrokes of more than one client searching online for a translation or localization provider. It’s a good example of what happens every day in every language in the world. Language changes constantly. And faster than ever before.

That’s why the only real solution for clear, concise localization is to use local providers of translation services – living and working in the country you want to do business in. They and they alone can give you up-to-date language usage that will have meaning and strike a positive chord with your reader – not a sour note.

GAT monitors all Localization associates work via real time communication as we move more and more to a 24/7 operation as required by our clients. Part of this monitoring process is the assurance that localized translations are aligned with the work done in other countries on the same project docket. Again a key part of our GATTRAK methodology.

Of key interest in the entire localization process is the quality of the English that you start with. For the majority of our multi-national clients, English is their official business language. However, the documentation in English has often been generated from a wide variety of sources in a variety of countries. So there is a potential of starting a translation that is destined to be different right from the start.

If you want to have aligned global translations, it is essential that your English be aligned first. Then you can speak clearly in any language.

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