Do you have a localization strategy?

One of the most common questions we face from our clients is “how do we do this localization thing?” It’s a question we like to hear because it opens up a world of new possibilities and opportunities for our clients.

Localization, like every other facet of business, needs a strategy. And we are only too happy to help you develop yours on a consulting basis.

Take the time to understand what you are getting into – before you start stomping out the first translation fire brought on by a global order.

How localization can improve your bottom line

It’s all about achieving clarity in a changing economic order. If your messages are heard and understood, you have a much better chance of building a global relationship – and making an increased profit in developing markets or industries.

Our GATTRAK project management system is custom made to deliver clarity in the most efficient, value driven way possible. In other words – why pay a fortune for translation just because you need it to grow your business.

At GAT, we will help you talk to the world. And we can assure you that we’re in the business of having translation services improve your bottom line.

Your foreign language translation department

In our perfect world, we’d be your language translation department on an outsourced basis. We think it’s an economic opportunity to reduce your costs by saving time trying to understand what we know already.

We’re bold enough to make this suggestion to you because first and foremost we are business oriented. Deadlines, budgets and profit centres are all meaningful to us. We’re in the business of making your writing make you money – on a global scale. And you can keep track of us on an ongoing basis through our GATTRAK process. Just like we were in the office next door.

Furthermore, we understand marketing and already work with a number of leading global marketing organizations.

Talk to us today about GAT becoming your outsourced language center. We can show you how to make localization profitable for you simply by emailing us at

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