Multimedia and Video Translation Services

Working with words – in your visual

You might think that GAT only works with words in Word®.

In fact, we employ several teams of specialists including web designers, graphic designers, video editors and voiceover talents.

Armed with the latest off and online publishing tools, our designers, in conjunction with our Project Managers and revisers can integrate translated text into a copy of the client supplied source document – say an InDesign layout. This way, the client is spared the time and money of re-designing the original document with the new language. It’s all formatted in a duplicate copy of the original source document. For heavy producers of graphic design based documentation, in source document translation savings add up very quickly with GAT. We believe that this is the way of the future for translation firms, and we’re actively looking for and hiring talented, driven individuals who have the technical know-how to manipulate often complicated texts in formats as varied as Quark Xpress™, InDesign™, Photoshop™, Illustrator™, Publisher™ etc.

And we work on both MAC and PC platforms.

The GAT teams are also literate in HTML, XML and Flash for projects in the web environment.

Localization well beyond the printed page

Clearly one of the fastest growing needs for translation is on multilingual websites. Here again GAT brings experience and expertise to the process of applying translations to the original source document supplied by the client. And we have experience in applying translations to all the latest social media platforms – again in source.

Videos or multimedia presentations are powerful tools for global communication – from training personnel to making an effective sales pitch. GAT has worked on a wide range of them. One service we’ve been frequently asked to provide is announcer voice-overs You can trust GAT with not only your words, but with your voice. We have a pool of experienced professionals, male and female, who can help you get your message across in the tone that’s right for you.

Closed-captioning and subtitling

Our experience with multimedia and video is not limited to voice-overs: we’ve also offered transcription services to satisfy the closed captioning and subtitling requirements of various clients who produce audio-visual content. Again – in the source document.

The world is going mobile. Will you be there locally?

The fastest developing trend in global marketing is mobile communication. This platform has a unique set of communication, translation and delivery challenges – not the least of which is time sensitivity. Plus, marketers are rapidly developing the ability to custom tailor messaging to unique demographics.

Because of our ongoing commitment to high technology real time applications, GAT is well versed in these latest developments.

Talk to us today about your mobile marketing communication needs.

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