Solutions by Market

GAT’s clientele, a wide array of both public and private organizations operating in various languages, is reflective of the bustling new global economy. To meet their ever-changing and ever-increasing needs, we must maintain a healthy diversity of specialized document translation specialists, well versed in the terminology and phraseology of their designated fields. Whether in the financial, medical, marketing, or information technology field, our use of highly-specialized, yet diverse, native translators allows us to be acutely aware of the cultural and linguistic nuances that exist in local markets. Our financial and medical translators have unmatched knowledge of their respective industries, our marketing translators understand the importance to their clients of both the content of the message and timeliness of the delivery, and our IT translators are mandated to help make your virtual storefront an attractive one. Our expertise extends to the industry sectors listed below. Should you be interested in a specialization that is not listed, do not hesitate to contact us, and speak to one of our project managers. They would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.


In the highly specialized and tightly regulated financial services sector, reputation, integrity and competence are not mere buzzwords–they are the foundations of a successful enterprise. Our position has thus always been to reflect those values, and to maintain with our finance sector clients a business relationship that insists on quality production, full confidentiality and unparalleled professionalism. Our handpicked specialized translators assist banking, insurance, and financial service corporations in meeting their multilingual requirements, helping to produce, for example, regulatory documents such as securities commission filings, internal regulatory procedures and quarterly investment reports, among others.


Precision and clarity are two essential components of the important messages medical and pharmaceutical firms relay to their clients–after all, the lives of the latter often depend on it. In turn, it is our responsibility to ensure accurate and unambiguous translation of those very messages. To do so, we rely on our specialized translators, who possess the sound scientific knowledge and practical translation experience to help medical supply companies and pharmaceutical firms communicate information that is technically accurate and that meets multilingual regulatory requirements.

Marketing and branding

Marketing is a key element of the fast-paced, fiercely competitive world of retail, where nothing is more important than delivering a reasonably priced, quality product before the next guy. That same philosophy applies to the translation services GAT offers its clients in the retail industry. We deliver accurate, professionally accomplished translations while maintaining quick turnaround times and very competitive prices. Furthermore, as the retail sector is consumer-oriented, promotional messages need to be tailored to the range of customers to be encountered across the globe. Our well-tried team of translators helps retailers overcome the communication gap effectively and creatively, and do so in multiple languages.

Information technology

The Information Age has brought with it the professional necessity and responsibility of businesses to create virtual windows to their shops that are available to a worldwide community of shoppers. Website localization services, now more than ever, are essential to cultivating and maintaining a successful enterprise on a truly global scale. Understandably, our localization clients expect services that are quick and reasonably priced, given the hard-driving and dynamic industry in which they operate. That is exactly what we deliver: accurate, market-specific translations, done on time and on budget. We achieve our best results by using native, tech-savvy, specialized translators who help website localization clients translate Internet content, whether in HTML, XML, PHP or other web-programming languages, into multiple languages, effectively and creatively.

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